Services we offer

We provide support for anyone (women, men, children) who has been the victim of rape and sexual abuse across the whole of Avon and Somerset area.

Our services are based in the following hubs:

  • Keynsham, BaNES with Lighthouse,

  • Concorde House, South Gloucestershire with PROTECT Investigation team

  • Express Park, Bridgewater, Somerset with PROTECT Investigation team

  • New Bridewell, Bristol with Lighthouse team

  • Kenneth Steele House, Bristol with PROTECT Investigation team

  • SARSAS in Taunton

Staff deliver support by

One to one support in person and by telephone

  • Peer support groups

  • Training and practical skills sessions

  • Use of email, text, skype and whatsapp.

To find out more about these services
please call 0333 323 1543,
text 07714 290 011,
or email

SAFE Link service users feedback

"this is just what I have been looking for"
"it’s such a relief to know I am not the only one feeling this way"
"being part of the group helps my confidence, helps me to look on the positive side and have understanding support"

Quotes from police

"I cannot speak highly enough of ALL the ISVA’s"
"Every ISVA is passionate and motivated and are highly professional."
"In short a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working many more years together"
"The ISVAS are so valuable and assist in so many ways"
"9 times out of 10 when a victim is worried about a police investigation they say that they feel stronger knowing that they have someone independent to explain things."
"I feel a lot of victims would not stay on board if the ISVAS were not about and often victims are still scared to speak to police officers ."