Have you been
a victim of sexual assault
or rape?

Our SAFE worker can support you
and it is a free and confidential service.

Rape and sexual assault
happen far more often
than statistics indicate.

And it happens in all communities
and cultures.

It is irrelevant what you were wearing,
how much you had to drink or whether you were
in your own home or out for the evening
– you did not ask to be raped or sexually assaulted.

The blame is entirely
the perpetrators.

You do NOT

to the police

have to report

to access our services

To talk in confidence call

0333 323 1543

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We provide support for anyone (women, men, children) who has been the victim of rape and sexual abuse across the whole of Avon and Somerset area. 

You do NOT have to report to the police to access our services.

We also provide women’s mental health and domestic abuse support services.

Click below for links to our sister organisations:

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 11:05pm
We are delighted to have awarded Jess a Gold Certificate of Appreciation for volunteering more than 100 hours with us. We are incredibly grateful to all our volunteers who make such a difference and go the extra mile #volunteers #makingadifference #thankyou https://t.co/kvjgx6G8yy NextLinkHousing photo
Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 7:25pm
This is a great session run by our lovely Tay so please come along to peer support tomorrow. It will be a lot of fun!! #support #MentalHealthMatters https://t.co/2miDscWtWd
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Missing Link Housing @MissingLink_MLH
Don't forget to come along to our Peer Support session tomorrow where we will be making paper mache vases. We'd love to see you there! #creativityforall #mentalhealth #recovery https://t.co/00y0r5jwpD